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The Curse of Monkey Island on Steam

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The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar: Articles

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Game Review

Support Emuparadise! Game Description: LeChuck's Revenge. The game is the twelfth and last LucasArts game to use the SCUMM engine, which was extensively upgraded for its last outing before being replaced by the GrimE engine for the next game in the series, Escape from Monkey Island. The Curse of Monkey Island is the first Monkey Island game to include voice acting, and has a more cartoon-ish graphic style than the earlier games.

The game's story centers around Guybrush Threepwood, a wannabe pirate who must lift a curse from his love Elaine Marley. As the story progresses, he must deal with a band of mysterious pirates and a stereotypical French buccaneer, as well as his old archnemesis LeChuck. Personal Notes: I love this game and the monkey island series.

The Curse of Monkey Island™

And I had to try this new Scumm wrapper. Guybrush is trying to recall in his journal how he ended up in this dire situation and his escape from the Big Whoop where he was trapped for an undisclosed period of time. After a lengthy exchange where LeChuck is rebuffed in his attempts to woo Elaine, both notice Guybrush, and he is quickly recaptured by LeChuck. While seeking a way out, Guybrush causes LeChuck to blast himself to smithereens, finds a diamond ring in LeChuck's treasure hold, and escapes the ship whilst sinking it.

He then reunites with his love, Elaine Marley, and officially proposes to her, offering her the diamond ring he found on LeChuck's ship. Unbeknownst to him is the fact that the ring is cursed, and Elaine gets turned into a gold statue as soon as she puts it on.

Guybrush must then retrieve the statue, which is stolen almost immediately, and return her to human form. Port Info: Ported with Syao's Scumm VM wrapper. Game manual has been included. It takes a little getting use to but eventually it's not so bad.

I still prefer the layout in the original game however. Nevertheless this is a great remake and with such a low price is well worth it for new players and old players alike! This is a very good game.

PC Longplay [073] Escape from Monkey Island (Part 1 of 2)

The graphics are pretty, the music is fun, and the dialog is extremely entertaining. It's also a long game. I've invested many, many hours into it and I'm not done. You have to select "verbs" in order to interact with items. Any moderm point-and-click adventure game lets you simply left-click to do whatever needs to be done. Not a big deal but it's something that bothers me.

My MacBook gets so hot during gameplay that it worries me. I've been forced to play while sitting on my leather couch and alternating where on the couch my MacBook rests since my leather couch has plenty of cold spots.

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The graphics are NOT good enough for this kind of hardware load. It must be a bug. I have a Macbook Pro, 2. The game ran flawlessly, no problems. Overall, this is a fun game and gets your thinking, but thankfully you have the hints. There are a few quirks though