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Console players can use the site to create characters and set timers and known researched traits. View which traits you have researched, which traits you need to research, and when you will finish the research on traits you are currently researching. Console users can create each of their individual characters and then set the timers for those characters on the site. You can change the order your acccounts and characters show up in by managing your accounts from your profile page.

You can set which characters show up on which summary pages from the settings page accessible from that character's info page. You can change the color for known traits, unknown traits, and traits currently being researched by editing your profile. If you forgot your password you can reset it here. If you wish to change your password, you can do that here. Check your spam folder to make sure it was not sent there.

If you cannot find it you can resend your account activation here. Download the client and addon and unzip it. Reload UI and you should see the addon in game. Navigate there and open the client to run it. When you run the client it will update any characters that need to be updated with the site. If you leave the client running while you play the game it will automatically update your characters when your reload UI or log out of a character.

The character will still appear on the site until you delete it from its individual page. The name of the character will be automatically updated by the addon and the site. There are a handful of in game commands: You must first create a Game Account. Once you have done that, you can create new characters for that Game Account.

You can set your timers in one of two ways. You can set the timers for all characters belonging to a Game Account from the grid of characters for that account. Or you can set the timers for an individual character from the page for that individual character. You can set the traits each of your characters already know from the page to set the timers for an individual character. I wonder, will we get a website sometime? You can also consult Tamriel Trade Center or TTC in short, but keep in mind the prices you get, are the listing prices , which might be quite far from what the item actually sells for.

Similarly to TTC, you are scanning for listing prices, so might be far from sell prices. But what is neat, is that you get the option to manually scan a guild store , letting you data mine the guild traders you really care for, and generally let you have some manual input in the process. The fast and proper way to move any in-game UI element is Azurah. It will unlock everything for you check screenshot above so that you can place every element where you want it to be. It might be the WoW in me and 1. Spend some time in the settings to understand which buff groups are assigned to which module, so that you can prepare a nice setup, and never have to think about it again.

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ESOUI - FAQ: Installing AddOns

You choose how names show up character names, account names or both , all the colors and fancies, timestamps, copy pasting, fast channel swaps and chat history. Baertram Link: So once you setup your perfect addon combination, go to Circonians, and create a set which you can load at will, with a single click. Keep an eye on this list, as it will get updated when and if better or other unique addons come out, that provide unique interactions and fun into playing The Elder Scrolls Online!

Creating Backups

What do you use guys? Which addons from this list you think should not be here, are overkill or you have better alternatives?

The Elder Scrolls Online – 38 Best & Most Essential AddOns for 12222

Thanks for this list, it helped me a lot. Comprehensive overview, easy to read, very helpful and time saving. Great job! Thank you so much!

Automatically picks up all writs when you interact with the writ board. Then, when you go to a crafting station, it displays all the objects you need to craft, what you have thus far, how many materials you need, and how many materials you have.

If you have enough, you can click a single button and it churns out all the writ items you need to make, all in one go. Thanks for the suggestion Farzanah! Thanks for the awesome list and write-ups about each one. Very well put-together article. Personally i used to use MM but made the switch later on. Would like to hear your opinion on it though. Thanks again! And that margin — trust me — is a big one when margins are your most important money making criteria. Truth is, that if you are very serious about trading in ESO, you will consult both tools for different use-cases.

Well thanks a mil for the info, you taught me something else. Hmm, Bandits UI looks pretty interesting and customizable! You sir, deserve a big fat cookie.

Getting Started

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ESO Addons Guide: How to Install Addons / Minion Guide

Other Helpful AddOns 8. Thanks for your kind words Draggonfang!