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Whether you want to bypass parental control software, access blocked sites on a locked-down school computer or get around your.

You will be asked to choose the name and location for downloading the image. Finally, click Save. In case you want to download multiple images from a Pinterest Board on your PC, we have a solution for that as well. You will need to use a Chrome extension that goes by the name Image Downloader. You can use it to download multiple images from any website.

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Open Chrome on PC. When the extension loads, click the Add to Chrome button. Once installed, you will see the Image Downloader icon in the top bar of Chrome. Now open Pinterest and navigate to the Board from where you want to download images.

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Step 3: Then click on the Image Downloader icon. From the pop-up, check the Select All option.

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It will be removed from the selection. Step 4: Finally, hit the Download button. You will get a warning notification saying that if your Chrome setting is set to Always ask the location before downloading, multiple download windows will open.

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If you are okay with that, click yes. Otherwise click No. To avoid multiple save windows, we need to check the download settings first. You have two possibilities here: Note for die-hard Classic users: If you choose the first option Edited and original , however, you can change combos or apply a number of changes exposure, format, etc. This operation is called non-destructive because the original will be maintained. This is the option I would choose, because I prefer having the original in case I want to apply changes in the future… you never know.

There is, however, a rather substantial sticking point: The downloaded pictures are in their "raw" state; no Hipstamatic filters are applied to the transferred photos. In this little tutorial, I will transfer photos taken with to my Mac. From your Photo Library, select the pictures you want to transfer. Click on " Add To " at the bottom of your screen and choose " New Album "; I called mine " Hipstography "; this album will now contain the pictures that I want to transfer. Launch Wireless Transfer App on your iPhone.

Choose " Send ", followed by " Computer ". There are two possibilities, the second one http: The choice is yours…. Select the album in question in my case, " Hipstography " , followed by " Select All ". This post is also available in: So my process is. Take the photo in Hipstamatic, and clean it up with a new combo if required.

Add the photo to the special folder on my iPhone, and wait. Then when I am on my computer, I just transfer the files from Google Drive Account to my photo library on my computer. This gets me the most recent, edited version of the file to my computer.

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And if I make multiple copies of the same photo, with different combos, they all transfer without issue. Stuart Mackenzie. Go to Photos on your iPhone, select the image s you want to upload, tap the forward arrow at bottom left of your screen and hopefully, Airdrop should be showing and ready to send to your Mac.

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Good luck! Thanks Stuart but Airdrop is not working in my case. Thanks anyway. I use Airdrop too and it works. The pissed thing with this wireless transfer is that you miss the file names and get lots of FullSizeRender. If your iPhone is full, as is mine after being a tourist for 3 weeks, use the computer app to download directly to a folder of your choice….

Roberto Aita. Regarding import to desktop. I use PhotoSync for post edited pictures.

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The Hipstamatic images on your camera roll export with all edits and filters in place. Its very quick and easy over local wifi to your Mac. Hi, I use Hipstamatic on an iphone 6 plus ios 9. I used a usb cable and erased all my pictures on my phone after downloading, so all the images from my phone are gone… Then I had to the very bad surprise to see that all the images on my computer lost their Hipstamatic filters.

I spent hours reading on the forums without success. So how can I restore all my filters on every pictures.

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Please tell me how I should do it. In the future I will use Photo transfer app using wifi, but I really need my lost images. Thank you very much for your help. Kinds regards Yann.

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What is the best way to reverse images to iPhone and then re-edit? Hipstamatic really lay an egg here. A little hassle, but I preferred that. Allan G. It works flawlessly, allowing you to manually choose what goes on your phone. It also integrated to file app to allow you to drag a file straight onto your iPhone. Very pleased it worked. The promotional literature on their iMazing.

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