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Whether you want to bypass parental control software, access blocked sites on a locked-down school computer or get around your.

I can't get Emby installed on Kodi because when I try to install the repository that has the addon Kodi says "repository does not have the correct structure". I am downloading the repository. My Kodi is running on a v1 Fire TV. Googling around I can't find anyone else reporting this problem, but I also can't figure out what is special about me. I have tried multiple versions of Kodi, going back to when it was XBMC and up to the most recent stable Any ideas? When I enabled the debug log and looked at it I could see it was a permission error.

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Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Once the installation is complete, open the file with iFile. The last option is to build your own Kodi box. There are many ways to do it, but one of the most common is to use a Raspberry Pi. This mini computer is centered around an Arm processor, allowing you configure it to almost any need.

Kodi installation is surprisingly simple. Raspberry Pi has a small tutorial about doing so for those who never have, so read up if you have any issues. Installation is usually possible, only limited by proprietary operating systems. If, however, your device uses an established operating system, there are loopholes. You can sideload it onto either.

Your OS and hardware allow it, but software holds you back. Sideloading bypasses those restrictions. The process is taxing but straightforward for either device. As with most sideloading endeavors, different file managers and installers are needed to extract the package. Make sure to check out our guide on sideloading Kodi for full instructions. Roku fits in the same category as both Amazon and Apple TV but has a distinction when it comes to Kodi. While the two run different versions of established operating systems, Roku runs its own proprietary OS.

So, in short, there is no way to install Kodi on Roku. There is a way to use Kodi on Roku, though. Check out our guide for full instructions. The XBMC Foundation has continued to port the application to different operating systems as time goes on. Opening Kodi for the first time is a very unfulfilling experience, especially if you had one of the lengthier install processes. First up is adding your media. Kodi will automatically scan it and update the UI in real time. First, click on the category you want to add to. You should land where all your current files are stored. Keep going back in the directory until you reach the root which will display four options.

Repeat the process like you would for adding your first folder. Next is getting Kodi to look how you want it to. While v17 has gone a long way in cleaning up the UI, there are still tons of options to customize it for your tastes. The only official way to do that is with themes. Most themes are just skins for Kodi, allowing to change a few colors or the general layout.

There are some that will change up the entire interface, though. The list is long and left largely up to preference, so feel free to browse yourself. Thankfully, Kodi makes this very easy to do. Going past themes, you can also install builds onto Kodi. For years, the go-to was Ares Wizard. However, a legal battle has left the popular add-on biting the dust.

There are still ways to install builds, though. While some files may have it already, Kodi only really looks nice if it appears the same across the board. Kodi has a few metadata add-ons right out of the box, but there are some you should look into past that. The first is The Movie Database.


This database is entirely user-driven, automatically scrubbing for new posters and fanart, as well as all other metadata. While not essential, having such metadata gives you a few advantages while using Kodi. Many themes will utilize it to organize and display your content, a process that can easily get disjointed with it. Besides that, Kodi itself looks for actors, directors and more to put movies into categories.

Another must-have is OpenSubtitles. This database holds over four million subtitles in 75 different languages. Digital content often lacks subtitles or has, at best, only one or two languages.

Can't install .zip add-on: "invalid structure" in Jarvis : kodi

Using OpenSubtitles means a world of cinema will open up to you. As mentioned previously, add-ons are hosted inside of repositories so you must point Kodi towards that repository in order to install it. There are two ways to do this, either directly through Kodi or by downloading a. For some setups, the latter is necessary, but I would urge you to go for the.

Kodi includes its repository with each install, and you can freely download add-ons inside by navigating to it. However, there are some roadblocks for unofficial add-ons and repositories. You need to allow Kodi to install these from unknown sources. To enable this feature, take the following steps:. After you enable it the first time, you should never have to do it again.

Installing from a. To do so, simply head to the URL where the repository is located and download. For example, you can download the Kodil repo http: There are times when you will find more than one file inside of the index.

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Usually, the one you need is either named the same as the repository or is larger. The much more convenient method is to install via a URL.

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  • This method accomplishes the same goal as installing from a. For that to happen, you have to point Kodi towards the correct URL. Following that, you do the same thing as installing from a. This process merely points Kodi towards the destination. Before grabbing content to stream, you may want to install a few that will make navigation simpler. An important one is Keymap Editor.

    Navigation menu

    This add-on provides a GUI for mapping controls on a remote. Since Kodi is built on a 10 foot UI, a remote is desirable, and this simple add-on makes setup dead simple. The layout is another weak point of Kodi. While v17 has vastly improved the interface, there is still plenty of room to grow. PlayOn Browser achieves this goal while maintaining the same navigation system.

    The most significant change is from file names to images. Kodi normally just displays a list of file names when navigating. Showing icons and names as opposed to a list is a small but significant change that does a lot for getting around Kodi. The primary function of the add-on creates a playlist of unwatched TV shows automatically.

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    This small utility keeps you on track especially if you watch shows with many episodes and no seasons. The best part of Kodi is streaming, and not just from official sources. Unofficial add-ons open up the content spectrum. This is the key feature of Kodi for many and what has made it so famous in recent years. As mentioned before, Kodi is legal; theft is not. You need a VPN to protect yourself while using Kodi, unofficial add-ons or not.

    Kodi (software)

    Exodus was a favorite streaming add-on for years. This add-on scraps sources from around the internet to find nearly every TV show or movie you could imagine. Covenant is a fully featured add-on, and you can find nearly everything you need inside of it. Make sure to read our Covenant install guide to learn how to set it up. Covenant has gone on and offline recently, leaving some uncertainty in its future.

    This add-on does the same thing as Covenant, but with slightly different layout and folder structure. While you can find most of what you want in either of the add-ons, the best case scenario is to use them in conjunction. Make sure to read our Elysium install guide to set it up on your device. Both Covenant and Elysium lack a sports section. This add-on is a resurgence of Phoenix, a staple sports streaming platform for years. Bennu only holds archived games, though. If you need some live add-ons, check out our best sports add-ons for Kodi.

    Kodi is one of the best applications for media junkies. Its versatility as both a media center and streaming platform makes it very powerful for both casual and power users. Just remember always to use a VPN when using Kodi. The small insurance goes a long way in securing your privacy and allowing you access geoblocked content. If you want more, make sure to check our Kodi archive. We have everything from tutorials to best-of lists like how to install Kodi on Roku and dealing with buffering issues.