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You might not know this, but McDonald's prices like almost any franchise restaurant aren't consistent from location to location, because in some markets, the restaurants are just more expensive to run. The cost of ingredients and labor in a particular location gets reflected in the price of your food, a phenomenon that the Economist capitalized on when building an interactive-tool called the " Big Mac Index " back in The index is a sort of tongue-in-cheek demonstration of the economic principle that the relative price of something around the world is indicative of the strength of various currencies.

It's actually spawned a spinoff called the Quarter Pounder Index , which uses the exact same principle to establish the relative price of living in various U. Sorry — I got carried away talking about economics when we're really here to talk about food. But my point is that, while we can estimate the price of each McDonald's secret menu item, it's going to cary depending on where you are. So, without further ado or further econ jargon , here are 10 secret menu items and approximately how much they'll set you back.

It's like a turducken in sandwich form. This is a time-sensitive indulgence, since you have to order it during the changeover between breakfast and lunch or do you? The results were more than a little surprising. I'd love to have an excuse at the ready for the fact that the first meal I ate upon arriving in Berkeley—that's right, Berkeley, California, the fabled culinary mecca that's only responsible for helping to change the way we eat in this country—was a Quarter Pounder with Cheese at the McDonald's on San Pablo Avenue, but I have none.

It was late okay, it wasn't that late , I was tired no excuse, I could have ordered in , I didn't want dinner to turn into a whole thing again, could have ordered. So I went through the drive-through, in order to hide my shame, and I did what I'd like to think all road warriors eventually do when they think that nobody's looking. Sometimes, simple is good.

McDonald's Quarter Pounder Big Mac or Original Big Mac?

Nobody would have been the wiser, except that then, barely a day later, the latest news from McDonald's went national—fresh beef in their Quarter Pounders, now being rolled out across the country. The San Francisco Bay Area, apparently, is one of their earlier target markets, with some stores ready to flip the switch to fresh. I'd just had the old-style, frozen Quarter Pounder, I remembered exactly how it tasted—this may not have been the assignment I was born for, but it was definitely an assignment I had no choice but to accept.

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So, I called that same McDonald's, where someone eventually picked up. Do you have the fresh beef , I asked. Add our Big Mac special sauce and artisan roll for a premium taste experience. This is how much farther frying the chicken gets you.

Klosterman Bread plays a pivotal role in fast-food giant’s ‘Better Burger’ initiative

Also, somewhat crazily, this is the most caloric of any of the sandwiches. Including the Double Quarter Pounder. Served on our artisan roll. Big Mac sauce should run for some kind of public office. My Dad always gets two hamburgers and nothing else when he goes to McDonald's, which is probably twice a year.

How Much Does The McDonald's Secret Menu Cost? Here's What Your Wallet Needs To Know

The only difference I can ascertain between this and the double cheeseburger is that there's only one piece of cheese. And now you know why it's ranked behind the double cheeseburger. Cheeeesseeee spoken aloud in the voice Vince Vaughn does in Old School. It was never my go-to and never in my steady rotation, but I can still appreciate the classic order of high school football linemen everywhere.

A crispy McChicken patty topped with Buffalo sauce, creamy buttermilk ranch and shredded iceberg lettuce, served on a toasty bun. Yeah, this works pretty damn well: Famously crispy chicken topped with mayonnaise, shredded iceberg lettuce and served perfectly on a toasty bun.

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Why are McChickens so damn good? Or the name. Great name. Juicy, crispy chicken breast filet with a hint of dill and tangy pickles all served on a buttery steamed bun.

How Much Does The McDonald's Secret Menu Cost? Here's What Your Wallet Needs To Know

Southern hospitality at its finest. When these first came out, I thought it was a horrible idea. Especially on Sundays.

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This is the exact style of burger I like, if you replaced the cheddar with American and served it out of an old-time burger shack in West Springfield, MA. And -- much like the Southern Chicken -- I was very dubious the first time I tried it, but it really works.