The Quicken Rental Property Management tracks and sorts all the expenses and also exports the data for use with tax preparation software. Quicken uses the rent center feature to keep a check on the upcoming monitoring of the paid and overdue rent payments. It becomes automatic to select any of these to enter a rent payment.

Quicken indicates an unknown property or tenant if it is unable to assign a transaction. Therefore, no more rent credited to the wrong residence. Therefore, all your accounts and rental business data are accessible. Free access to credit scores and mobile apps included in the current version of the software. You have to be very careful while your business touches success as it means keeping costs down and income up. However, tracking the flow of the money can be a difficult process, therefore done manually it can be very difficult.

Property Management Software for Landlords

Thus, Quicken Rental Property Management sorts the costs by the unit for simple evaluation towards rent income. I don't like the fact that it is not available online and can only be accessed on the device that it is initially installed on. We use to leverage this to drive our rental property income. This let us track what we recive from our clients nad how much we spend. This desktop app is comprehensive tool that allow's you manage your rental properties with ease. Intuit doesn't respond to known bugs quickly enough.

This is the unfortunately issue with a desktop app vs an online portal. Easy to use interface, like the Salesforce connection. Great to have a traditional app integrated with Salesforce.

Quicken Home & Business Software - Reviews

Provides simple, basic options for property management tasks and requirements for accounting and payments, etc. Could offer a wider variety of features and options to meet all of the needs of day to day operations. Fast to learn, easy to use tools, provides most everything needed for property management, no issues. Slow to run sometimes. Occasionally crashes, but very infrequent.

Reports leave some to be desired as far as data. Quicken has been around a long time and gets updated annually. Quicken is developed by Intuit who also makes QuickBooks. Quicken Rental Property Manager is rather expensive compared to other similar products. Quicken no longer integrates easily with Capital One checking or credit cards. This software is very user-friendly, and the overall cost was well worth it. I like the ability to link to multiple bank accounts and the quick update features pull pertinent information all into one place. It's also easy to create reports to check trends. The software is comprehensive, I wish there was a quicker way to understand it all.

However, the help feature included in the software is not the easiest to comb through. I get the benefit of seeing everything in one place, the ability to make projections and keep tabs on KPI, is also really nice. It would be more helpful if Quicken Rental Property Manager integrated with other-than Quicken products already in use.

While some software helps you keep track of your rental finances, there are many other areas that you need -- leases, screening, advertising, etc. Keep your head up. Ease of use and data entry, tenant information easy to add and delete, the most important information concentrated on one page. Needs a word processing component to prepare tenant notices, a manual would be very useful for use during initial setup.

Quicken Rental Property Manager by Quicken. Average Ratings 72 Reviews 3. Review This Product! About Quicken Rental Property Manager Rental property and personal finances management solution with tenant information tracking, income management, and expense tracking. View full list of Rental Property Management Software.

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  5. Quicken Rental Property Manager.

Sort by: Dec 04, Jason A. Reviewer Source. Likelihood to Recommend: Not Likely Extremely Likely. Quicken for the Long Haul. Jan 31, Kathy W. Overall good, but has room for improvements.

Contact and Payment Tracking

Oct 31, Jena H. Check if the software works with your financial institutions prior to purchase. Jun 07, All about your finances and assets. Oct 01, Mariana M. Industrial Automation, employees. Quicken for Home and Business. Steve M. Fundamental but lacking. Nov 11, Kristy B. Quicken lets me track my rental income and expenses accurately.

HOW TO ADD PROPERTIES Quicken 2016, 2017, 2018 Rental Property Manager

Mar 13, Cathy C. Everyone seems to use Quickbooks and doesn't train on Quicken Overall: I have been using Quicken for several years now and love the program for tracking my spending. Jan 24, Joseph V. Great for general accounting Feb 13, Jen P. Great software for the businessman that owns a few houses for rent.

Aug 01, Dennis T. Potential as a great product that suffers from poor quality. Dec 07, Tim P. Jul 13, Christopher V. Marketing and Advertising, employees. Best low-cost manager solution. Aug 08, Larry K. May 11, Matt D. Have used for many years and with every upgrade keeps getting more bugs. May 01, Linda B. Works well for personal finances - checking, savings, credit cards. Great for the small business person. Feb 14, Rhonda K. Have used for over 15 years.

Don't bother. Jan 29, Dan F. Excellent Property Management Product. Sep 14, Reggie R. Quicken makes it easy to track rental income and expenses all in one program. Sep 06, Joseph M. Jun 12, Tina A. Have used this for years! Marcy Y. Easy to use and set up Easy to work with and set up reports Works well with any type of business Cons: Great product- great price. Nov 07, Geri P. I would recommend this software and have to my friends with rental homes. I dont use all of the features it has - but may in the future Cons: Its a simple software to use.

May 25, Dennis M. Fits and collects the crucial details of tenant thereby eliminating the need of maintaining the information in physical form Suitable for use mostly by SMEs Cons: The product information is not readily available and for a new user wishing to acquire the product may find it hard to obtain the crucial data concerning the software Overall: Quicken release is the worst software ever! Dec 31, Quicken is the best software to manage your money, create budgets, manage your rental properties.

Jul 28, Sergio M. Quicken rental property. Feb 10, Pat M. I did not like it.

Take the next step towards your financial goals

Could not keep ledgers for apartments and or tenants. May 24, Maria E. Make your evaluations easy to understand and honest. Quicken Rental Property Manager. David B. Dec 06, Myron K. Good software for intended use. Jun 28, Scott H. Accounting rules and tax laws are changing Overall: Streamlined financial tasks. Overall I really like the program. Dec 17, Esther S. I love Quicken, by far the best financial software i have used!

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  • Apr 16, Chris H. Top Notch - Couldn't be happier. Dec 08, Randall K. Ease, Efficient, Quick to see info Cons: Like everything Overall: Buy it. Great Software for Smaller Property Management. Feb 12, Kirk M. Quicken Home and Business Mar 10, Verified Reviewer. Easy to use. Reports are easily defined and customized Cons: This product does not deliver as advertised. Jun 06, Jim H. I though perhaps an issue with the bank sync, but 2 more rental properties added with exact same results all different institutions Pros: Jun 08, Great product, zero customer service.

    Nov 06, Kevin B.

    Quicken Rental Property Management

    I like it, but again, improve your customer service. Awesome product!! May 10, I can track my few properties, costs profits and billing in very simple steps Cons: Review for Quicken Rental Property Manager. Jan 14, Damien K. This system really helps you take complete control of your finances Cons: This price for the system is high end but it is worth it the money.

    Not being an Accountant makes this difficult. Aug 11, Eric H. I decided to go a different direction Pros: I have been very disappointed with Quicken in general. Jan 11, Easy solution for property management. Feb 19, Doug G. Oversight in managing multiple rental properties. A solid product. Dec 13, Trevor L.

    Great app. Nov 22, Dustin B. Quicken Retail Property Mgr. Nov 16, Robert P. Quick to operate, lots of special features Cons: Too complicated for my simple needs. Property Management Software for Units. Kevin H. The low cost of the software Cons: Niki H. I didn't find anything I didn't like about the software. Helps keep things very organized! The reports are complicated because I use multiple bank accounts.

    Best Personal Property Manager Software. Data from bank accounts and other Quicken versions imports easily. Text and email alerts can remind you of upcoming bills and snap-and-store receipt support keeps you on top of recordkeeping. Rental Protection Agency: Rental Statistics.

    Rental Property Manager Top 15 Tax Deductions for Landlords. Choose the Right Quicken For You. Calculate Your Net Worth Monitoring each unit in a rental business is key to managing multiple properties. You can add value tracking at a later date Track Tenant Details Quicken Rental Property Manager stores the crucial data you need to keep track of your tenants. The software makes it possible for you to manage information such as: Stay on Top of Rent Collection Quicken uses the Rent Center feature to monitor upcoming, paid and overdue rent payments.

    Manage Rental Expenses Business success means keeping costs down and income up.

    Ease of Use

    Prepare for Tax Season Current expenses, such as replacing parts of a leaky faucet, are deducted from rental income in the tax year they occur. Synchronize Your Data With access to your budget, bank account and credit card balances, the Quicken mobile app, included with Rental Property Manager, becomes a valuable tool for on-the-go management of your rental business. References Quicken: Rental Statistics Quicken: Rental Property Manager Landlordology: Top 15 Tax Deductions for Landlords Quicken: Was this article helpful?