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I bought a new external HD yesterday and will be using this from now on for TimeMachine so this is all semantics but what went wrong? Nobody ever said to expect or plan for this. Thanks for any insights you can provide. Yes it tries to start a new set of backups if you replace your drive. This may help. Thanks for your reply. I checked in the backups. As a comparison, a separate external drive I use for my work Mac has multiple folders dated for each backup. Oh well, live and learn.

How to make a bootable backup of your computer - Macintosh How To

I have a TM external backup from earlier today but nothing cloned from internal HD, so not sure how I can get the internal HD back as a Startup volume to boot from. Boot into recovery mode http: Otherwise get to a friends mac and make a bootable usb stick. Then restore form time machine.

Hi, I am looking at buying an external hard drive to both backup and incase of internal hard drive failure to boot from external drive. I want to use Carbon copy and they have insisted that the external hard drive needs to be able to reboot OSX. You can just re-format it as Macintosh using Disk Utility after you get it. I feel a lot of the current hard drive is full with unknowns. Migration assistant gives you some choice, but not a lot. Mavericks, MBA Can I just erase my new Disk? Western Digial aslso suggest to integrate their app.

Should I just erase my new Disk without any specification?

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Click on the top most icon for the disk in the left window, not the second icon. The monthly snapshots are for if your time machine backup fails.

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I have an external hard drive for backups and a Macbook Pro. If I make a bootable drive using super duper, can I install that hard drive in another macbook I have just bought and use it as its resident drive?

Use Startup Manager

I plan to back up this mac, convert the second drive to bootable, then put in Macbook 2. Hi, thank you for this detailed topic, very helpful. It made my mind more clear. I can expose what I would like to get: I have in hand a Gb for current running time machine but now running out of space and about to buy a 1Tb drive.

My thoughts are to get the 1Tb turned into a bootable clone, that I will renew monthly.

How to Set up Time Machine on an External Hard Drive for Macbook , iMac

So far it is seems OK. But since in the clone n2 and following, the old folders will have been removed, I need to backup the Gb HD. I guess the easies way to think this through is the order of access. Just like how you put your sox on before you put your shoes on the encryption of the drive needs to be after the drive is accessible.

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So here you would need to have first installed a full and proper OS on the drive then sure around and use the drive as your TimeMachine backup as the OS is not encrypted here the drive would boot and then when you got to the TimeMachine backup using a third party app you would have access to it. The other way which is convoluted would to have two partitions on this drive the first one not encrypted with your OS installed and then the second larger one for your encrypted partition with the TimMachine backup.

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How to boot from an external drive that contains time machine backup?

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How to select a different startup disk

Chosen Solution. Dan danj Rep: About macOS Recovery Now you added a wrinkle here by encrypting your drive via Disk Utility you run the risk of not being able to regain access. OK, now what?? If you want to remove this additional protection but keep your firmware password: Type this command, then press Return: Type the administrator password for your user account, then press Return. Type your firmware password, then press Return. Restart your Mac.

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