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Even if she occasionally got lost outside of the spotlight that was increasingly aimed at the California couple, McVie often contributed standout cuts on milestone records like Rumours and Tusk.

Karaoke Everywhere - Video with Lyrics - Fleetwood Mac

The opening track of 's Mirage sets the tone for the relatively scaled-back album following the super-ambitious Tusk , coasting along a warm and cozy McVie melody. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks provide heavenly harmonies, but "Love in Store" is mostly McVie's song, right down to her welcoming, worn-in vocal.

McVie's Rumours solo showcase features mainly just piano and vocal with very spare backing.

Fleetwood Mac "Everywhere" performed by Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

Nestled between "Go Your Own Way" and "The Chain" on the multi-platinum album, the song serves as a calm before and after the storms. Like "Everywhere" see No. Released as a single, "Little Lies" made it to No. Tusk , Fleetwood Mac's double-record follow-up to the career-defining 'Rumours,' is generally viewed as a Lindsey Buckingham project -- from the album's general epic sprawl to its intricate production.

Backed by Buckingham, "Think About Me" is a tight, compact and surprisingly tough rocker by McVie, who usually countered her bandmate's biting sour notes with soft sweetness. Fleetwood Mac's superstar era pretty much kicked off with this Top 20 single the band's first Top 40 hit from their self-titled reboot.

Interviews de Fleetwood Mac

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks gave the veteran British blues group the pop smarts it needed to hit the charts, but the band led its charge with McVie's "Over My Head," which set the template for her role in the band's storied singer-songwriter trio as the one who wrote its best soft rockers. In spite of its very '80s production, Lindsey Buckingham's last album with the band's most famous and successful lineup contains some of its most sophisticated pop songs. It's a typically shimmering piece of music from the band, which was splintering beyond repair at the time.

As on a few other cuts on our list of the Top 10 Christine McVie Fleetwood Mac Songs, she gets ample support from Lindsey Buckingham on "Hold Me," the first single from the band's first album of the '80s. But McVie co-wrote it with British singer-songwriter Robbie Patton and guides it through the subtle twists and turns. They hit 1 in the U. Two more studio albums followed: Nicks was barely present during the sessions for Tango in the Night, preferring instead to send her band-mates demos for them to complete while she toured in support of her solo album Rock A Little.

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The song was given new life when Stevie performed it during the season finale of the acclaimed television series American Horror Story: Coven back in January of this year. The U. It was never a single, but has a prominent placement as the opening song on Side 2 of Rumours.

19 ‘Big Love’

The studio version features spirited vocals by Buckingham and McVie over a beguiling and complex guitar arrangement. Its video enjoyed prominent airplay on MTV.

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It was a smash hit in the U. The studio recording features a frantic dobro part by Buckingham, and climaxes with maddeningly eerie vocal effects over an increasingly throbbing drumbeat. It features a thunderous drumbeat and some truly virtuosic guitar-work. Buckingham was proving his worth to the band from the very beginning, as a singer, songwriter, musician and eventually de facto musical director.

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It really sounds like nothing else in the Fleetwood Mac catalog. Between all of the tormented lovesick tracks that make up much of Rumours, Christine McVie is responsible for two of the sunniest tracks: The long fade-out features a wonderfully intricate guitar part by Buckingham.

The vocals are also the work of Buckingham, some of them digitally manipulated and sped up. Time has been kind to the song, though.

Fleetwood Mac

It is now featured as a bonus track on new CD issues of Rumours, and it is the absolute highlight of the reunion album The Dance. The tension between Nicks and Buckingham is palpable as Nicks balefully glares at Lindsey while singing the obsessive lyrics: The song builds slowly and inexorably, becoming more passionate as it progresses. As with the title track, it was the right move. After the glistening pop-rock that made Rumours such a massive success, it was a ballsy move to lead off their next album with this oddity… but it worked.

Lindsey Buckingham has always had a wildly experimental side, and he unleashed all his unhinged ideas on Tusk, usually to brilliant effect.