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However, in this work they have been presented as two interdisciplinary subjects in the area of translation studies. This is made possible through the extraordinary importance of style in translation. The book is set out in two parts. The First Part of this book has been assigned to different schools of stylistics, old and new, Arabic stylistics, stylistic analysis, style and choice and the distinguished position of style in language studies of texts, especially literary texts in theory and practice. Gildenhard, I. It will also be of help to Latin teachers and to anyone interested in Cicero, language and rhetoric, and the legal culture of Ancient Rome.

A free online interactive edition is also available. Al mismo tiempo, se plantea y trata de responder algunas cuestiones importantes: Oittinen At the seminars, doctoral students and researchers from around the world met and discussed issues related to translating, not only the verbal, but also the visual in literature for young readers. Las Heras Madrid 1 de octubre de Gordo Peleato, R. Gross, S. Michigan, Eastern Michigan University. This thesis is a review paper that covers and summarizes the way software is prepared for international markets nowadays. Internationalization and localization of software are the key topics this thesis deals with.

Therefore it first analyzes and portrays major differences in culture and language and gives advice about how to deal with these differences when developing internationally usable software. Then it describes some internationalization recommendation for helping to prepare software for easy localization.

In this context a standard encoding scheme for international characters and text is explained. Furthermore, an example is provided of how internationalization and localization of software is done by means of a popular existing operating system platform. Finally, some commercial software localization tools and Open Source XML standards are shown making the processes of internationalization and localization easy and efficient. Gunn, A. Open Translation Tools was co-organized by Aspiration and Multimedia Institute MI2 , and was supported by the generosity of the Open Society Institute, with additional support for participant travel provided by TechSoup.

Hatim, B. Munday An advanced resource book. The study of translation, an interdisciplinary field known as Translation Studies, has also developed enormously in the past twenty years. It interfaces with a wide range of other disciplines from linguistics and modern languages to Cultural Studies and postcolonialism. This book attempts to investigate both the practice and the theory of translation in an accessible and systematic way.

It is designed specifically with the needs in mind of students of Masters degrees and nal year undergraduates in translation or applied linguistics, research students beginning to investigate the eld, and practising translators who wish to examine the theory behind the practice. It is hoped that it will also provide useful insights and examples for more experienced researchers.

Haul, M. Jahrhundert v. Heemskerk, E. Network Dynamics of the Dutch Business Elite. Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press. From its inception, big business in the western industrialised world has been organised in national business communities. This corporate elite connects the centres of corporate governance.

In recent times, these networks of the corporate elite show signs of decline. Heemskerk investigates how the decline of the old boys network in the Netherlands has affected Dutch capitalism. Combining formal network analysis with insights from interviews with key corporate elite members, he shows how during the last quarter of the 20th century the Dutch business community has disappeared. This is interpreted as a drift towards a liberal market economy. However, as the study shows, even in a liberal market economy corporate directors need social networks to communicate and coordinate their strategic decisions.

Hence, the corporate elite shift its meeting network to private and informal circles. Maar sinds enige tijd vertoont dit elitenetwerk tekenen van verval. Heemskerk brengt dit uiteenvallen scherp in kaart, en hij is daarbij een van de eerste onderzoekers die grondig reflecteert op de onderliggende oorzaken hiervan. Het boek geeft inzicht in de bestuursnetwerken van de top van het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven.

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De studie heeft een zeer rijke empirische basis. De eerdere analyse van het netwerk van bedrijven in is aangevuld met nieuwe gegevens over en , waardoor er een unieke vergelijking over tijd mogelijk is geworden. Elitenetwerken staan momenteel erg in de belangstelling.

Behalve voor onderzoekers is dit boek uitermate geschikt voor top managers en commissarissen van grote bedrijven, management consultants, bedrijfsadviseurs en studenten aan de internationale business schools. Hiligsmann, P. Rasier, et al. As the title suggests, the book covers two topics: Salamanca, Universidad de Salamanca. Kant, I. Pievatolo, et al. Its preface tries to explain why the translations of classics should be open access and open licensed. Ketelaar, E. Dijck van, et al. Handwriting in the Age of New Media. Sign Here! Handwriting in the Age of New Media features a number of articles from different fields, reaching from cultural and media studies to literature, film and art, and from philosophy and information studies to law and archival studies.

Questions addressed in this book are: Will handwriting disappear in the age of new digital media? What happens to important cultural and legal concepts, such as original, copy, authenticity, reproducibility, uniqueness, and iterability? En wat gebeurt er dan met culturele en juridische concepten als originaliteit, imitatie, authenticiteit, reproductie, uniciteit en herhaling?

En wat is de relatie van het handschrift tot dit tweede medium waarin het wordt afgebeeld, gereproduceerd of misschien zelfs verbeterd?

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In Sign Here! Khwira, Z. Nablus, Palestine. It highlights mistranslations and likely breakdowns caused by cultural and ideological differences among Arab and foreign cultures. Owing to this, the breakdowns are categorized into: The study also examines the various strategies obtained by the translators in dealing with these breakdowns. Analyses show that the translators have attempted to bridge the gap that might result from literal translation. The findings reveal that. Koehn, P. Federico, et al. The Language Engineering Workshop Open Source Toolkit for Statistical Machine Translation had the objective to advance the current state-of-the-art in statistical machine translation through richer input and richer annotation of the training data.

The workshop focused on three topics: This report describes the scientific goals, the novel methods, and experimental results of the workshop. It also documents details of the implementation of the open source toolkit. Koetsenruijter, W. Jong de, et al. Essays on Persuasion in the Public Domain. Leiden, Leiden University Press Texto completo: With communication playing an increasingly important role in contemporary society, rhetoric appears to have gained in influence and importance.

The ancients knew all along: Nowadays, we know that rhetoric pervades all discourse. There is no communication without rhetoric. In a society with ever-increasing amounts of information, and with media whose significance cannot be overestimated, we need to know all the mechanisms playing a role in the gathering, making and reporting of information and opinions, and its processing by an audience.

Rhetoric is, from both a practical and a theoretical perspective, essential to the conduct, analysis and evaluation of public debates. After all, the idea of democracy is closely intertwined with the ideal of transparent decision-making on the basis of open, informed discussions in the public domain, in political, organizational and journalistic discourse. Bending Opinion cites a host of relevant examples, from Barack Obama to Geert Wilders, as well as compelling case studies. Het was al bekend in de Oudheid: Tegenwoordig beheerst retoriek het publieke debat, en is er geen communicatie zonder retoriek.

In een samenleving die wordt gekenmerkt door een overvloed aan informatie en zeer invloedrijke media, is het van groot belang belang inzicht te krijgen in de mechanismen die een rol spelen bij het verzamelen, maken en het overbrengen van informatie en meningen, en de manier waarop het publiek deze verwerkt. Retoriek is, zowel vanuit praktisch als theoretisch oogpunt, essentieel voor de uitwerking, analyse en evaluatie van het publieke debat.

Uiteindelijk is het idee van democratie nauw vervlochten met het ideaal van transparante besluitvorming op basis van open, goed-ge nformeerderde discussies in het publieke domein en het politieke en journalistieke discours. Korsten, F. Bloemendal Joost van den Vondel was the most prolific poet and playwright of his age. During his long life, roughly coincinding with the Dutch Golden Age, he wrote over thirty tragedies. He was a famous figure in political and artistic circles of Amsterdam, a contemporary and acquaintance of Grotius and Rembrandt, but in general well acquainted with Latin humanists, Dutch scholars, authors and Amsterdam burgomasters.

He fuelled literary, religious and political debates. Contributors include: Parente, Jr. Kraak, A. Over natuur en cultuur bij de taal. De homo loquens was er eerst, pas veel later werd hij ook homo scribens. Daarom beschouwt de taalwetenschap de gesproken taal ook als haar primaire object van onderzoek. We, de taalgebruiker maar ook de taalwetenschapper, zijn echter zo vertrouwd met de geschreven taal, dat we de gesproken taal steeds waarnemen door de bril van die geschreven taal.

Dat heeft tot gevolg dat we allerlei kenmerken van de geschreven taal op de gesproken taal projecteren. Zo zouden letters corresponderen met afzonderlijke klanken en zouden zinnen gedachten uitdrukken. Het boek laat ook zien hoe onze visie op het ontstaan van het schrift en op het proces van leren lezen en schrijven door de schriftelijke bril gekleurd wordt. Dat maakt dit boek tegelijk een kritische reflectie op de taalwetenschap en haar geschiedenis. Kramer, A. The debate on universals has been stimulated by advances in cultural studies and the humanities in general.

Considering literature as a universal feature that can be found in any culture, the question is: The wide field of literature transgressing and bridging borders comes into play here, e. Oliver and Ilija Trojanow. Das Schlusskapitel Interkulturelle Textwerkstatt gibt Einblick in einen zunehmend zentral werdenden Aspekt der Gegenwartsliteratur: Oliver und Ilija Trojanow.

Lassaque, L. Buenos Aires, Luisa Fernanda Lassaque. Creo que ya es hora de que todo ese valioso conocimiento quede reunido —por lo menos, de manera preliminar, y sujeto a ampliaciones y modificaciones— en un volumen. Lira Dias, M. Por tanto, el objetivo fundamental de ese trabajo ha sido el de identificar las semejanzas y diferencias existentes en el uso de los conectores que marcan relaciones argumentativas en esas dos lenguas, en el g?? Para ello, se analiz?? Con base en esos corpora se han seleccionado los conectores y analizado su comportamiento discursivo, con el fin de identificar el grado de similitud, las diferencias sem??

Concretamente, en el campo de la RC ese estudio discursivo nos ha permitido afirmar que desde el punto de vista de la utilizaci?? Lisboa, M. This book examines historical and imaginary scenarios of apocalypse, the depiction of its likely triggers, and imagined landscapes in the aftermath of global destruction.

Madramany Bonet, C. The Story of the Tin Man. Granada, Universidad de Granada. Tesis Univ. Martin, T. Mathews was an Australian-born surveyor and self-taught anthropologist. From until his death in , he made it his mission to record all? Despite falling foul with some of the most powerful figures in British and Australian anthropology, Mathews published some pages of anthropological reportage in English, French and German.

His legacy is an outstanding record of Aboriginal culture in the Federation period. This first edited collection of Mathews? It include eleven articles translated from French or German that until now have been unavailable in English. Introduced and edited by Martin Thomas, who compellingly analyses the anthropologist, his milieu, and the intrigues that were so costly to his reputation, Culture in Translation is essential reading on the history of cross-cultural research. H Mathews , Australian National Unicersity. Martino Alba, P. Mathijssen, J.

The history of Dutch Hamlet performances shows a number of constants in the retranslation of the play. Each translator changed its strategy towards at least one cardinal norm to be different from his theatrical predecessor. Staging a retranslation can therefore be said to be a strategy to differentiate a theatre production from previous theatre productions through the application of differing translational norms. Mayoral Asensio, R. Sevilla, Excma. Vigo, Universidad de Vigo.

Mertens, M. Pos, et al. This third volume of Lage Landen Studies offers a glimpse of recent international and internationalizing trends in Dutch Studies. It presents a comparative view of the virtually synchronic dynamics of the translation, promotion and reception of contemporary Dutch author Arnon Grunberg in five Romance languages between and This interdisciplinary approach, which focuses on the crossroads of language, literature and culture, as well as on aspects of the sociologies of literature and translation, is combined with views from translation studies, comparative literature, and bibliology in order to build bridges between theory and practice.

The first part is devoted to the seldom-heard perspective of the translator and dissects the circumstances in which works by Arnon Grunberg — and by his heteronym Marek van der Jagt — are translated, promoted and received in five Romance languages. Notwithstanding the relative homogeneity of the languages, their cultural background and geographical location, remarkable differences come to light.

Middeke, A. The contributions cover as wide a range as reports country by country, descriptions of individual profiles and local study plans, conceptual cross-country approaches and analyses of specific aspects of general relevance. In all their diversity, the articles demonstrate, besides the basic consensus that German and Germany are to be taught as manifestations of another culture, further similarities: Almost without exception German studies have entered a transitional phase that is not only characterized by curriculum reforms but also by discussions about the identity of German studies themselves.

Here, the practical orientation seems to be a central point since, more and more, German Studies are seen as a professional education, too. Eine wichtige Rolle spielt dabei der Praxisbezug, da die germanistische Ausbildung zunehmend als berufsvorbereitende Qualifizierung angesehen wird. Minnaard, L. Literary Interventions.

In the globalised world of today, traditional definitions of national Self and national Other no longer hold. The unmistakable transformation of German and Dutch societies demands a thorough rethinking of national boundaries on several levels. This book demonstrates how German literature of migration seeks alternative forms of community outside the national parameters, whereas the Dutch literature negotiates difference and re-imagines Dutchness within the national framework.

Literatuur levert een belangrijke bijdrage aan dit proces van reflectie.

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De Duits-Nederlandse vergelijking biedt een verrassend inzicht in de nationale specificiteit van zowel deze interventies als van de verbeeldingen van nationale identiteit in deze literatuur. Dit is de eerste uitgave in de reeks Palimpsest: Mocali, M. Firenze, Firenze University Press,. Questo volume1 raccoglie saggi e traduzioni da ambiti diversi: Mann, et al. Fragen seiner verfassungsrechtlichen Grundierung und seiner verwaltungsrechtlichen Feinzeichnung sind so umstritten wie lange nicht.

Mondt, K. Gontier De nieuwe taalwetenschappen , Academia Press Texto completo: Language research is currently in a state of flux. The phenomenon of language is not merely the topic of investigation in linguistics, it is examined by a multitude of scholars with different scientific backgrounds. In order to examine how these various disciplines approach language, a think-tank was founded in , called DITO, Dynamisch Inter -en trans disciplinair onderzoek, or Dynamic Inter- and trans disciplinary Research. Moneglia, M. Nicolas Martinez The book presents the proceedings of the international conference CLiP , Computer Literacy and Philology, held in Florence on 4 and 5 December within the framework of the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of Florence University.

The aim of the conference was to integrate humanistic disciplines with ICT technologies, and the publication is oriented to issues related to multilingualism. The contributions illustrate different types of IT tools now available to facilitate access to and management and study of the cultural heritage, more specifically that aspect of the heritage with which philologists and linguists are typically concerned. Morillas, E.

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Alvarez Desde el momento en que asumen el compromiso de verter un texto en una lengua diferente de aquella en que fue creado, hasta aquel otro en que entregan su trabajo para que pase a formar parte del acervo de la cultura destino, su quehacer pasa por una serie de fases que tienen dos objetivos principalmente. Mukherjee, D. Speaking in Many Tongues. Controversies and problems with regard to language policy and language education still exist in Malaysia.

Despite the attempts of language policy makers to promote multilingualism, the implementation has been marred by political and religious affiliations. Malaysia is a melting pot of many different cultures and ethnicities, the three largest being Malay, Chinese and Indian. Therefore, an analysis of the language variation in this polyglot nation will help in understanding the variety of languages and those who speak them. This book gathers the work of researchers working in the field of language change in Malaysia for over two decades.

As there is no book published internationally on the language policy in Malaysia and the effects on the language change in urban migrant populations, this book is a timely contribution not only to an understanding of Malaysian linguistic pluralism and its undercurrents, but also to an understanding of the Indian Diaspora. Mychko-Megrin, I. Neuhofer, M.

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This becomes vitally important after his dissociation from communism and enables him to speak extensively about his experiences with death. It is rather intended to function within a literary field: Die narratologisch und poetologisch ausgerichtete Studie fokussiert den Bewusstwerdungsprozess, der in den Texten zum Ausdruck gelangt: Sempruns Konzeption von Zeugenschaft steht folglich in direkter Opposition zu einem dokumentarischen Bezeugen und bewegt sich stattdessen innerhalb eines genuin literarischen Feldes.

Neves, J. Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. Surrey University of Surrey. School of Arts, Roehampton University. On the other hand, it is the result of an Action Research project that aimed at contributing towards the improvement of SDH practices in Portugal. These two lines of research are brought together in the proposal of a set of guidelines — Sistema de Legendagem vKv — for the provision of SDH on Portuguese television. This research positions itself within the theoretical framework of Translation Studies TS by taking a descriptive approach to its subject.

Nonetheless, it takes a step beyond to seek reasons and to propose change rather than to simply describe objects and actions. Given its topic and methodological approach, this research also drank from other fields of knowledge such as Deaf Studies, Sociology, Linguistics and Cinema Studies, among others.

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In this context, SDH is addressed as a service to Deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers, thus implying a functional approach to all that it entails. In order to arrive at an encompassing understanding of the subject, in the body of this work, we may find a summary of the history of SDH, as well as an overview of the overriding and specific issues that characterise this type of subtitling.

Following this, the Portuguese situation is made known through the account of five case studies that were carried out in the course of and Nolan, J. Over recent decades the explosive growth of globalization and regional integration has fueled parallel growth in multi-lingual conferences. Although conference interpreting has come of age as a profession, interpreter training programs have had varied success, pointing to the need for an instructional manual which covers the subject comprehensively. This book seeks to fill that need by providing a structured syllabus and an overview of interpretation accompanied by exercises, developed for the classroom, in the main aspects of the art.

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It is meant to serve as a practical guide for interpreters and as a complement to interpreter training programs, particularly those for students preparing for conference interpreting in international governmental and business settings. Nuss, A. Engster, et al. Pavan, S. This book offers a portrait of Leningrad in the s, of its cultural life in those years permeated by a great hope for change. Leningrad, now St. The essay by Irina Dvizova highlights an aspect of the culture of Leningrad that can be considered extremely topical, in terms both of argument and as a method of reading literary history: Los falsos amigos: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, Definidos como palabras de dos lenguas diferentes que presentan semejanzas formales y significados diferentes 1 fr.

Pietzuch, J. Peuschel The articles in this anthology display the diversity of innovative approaches chosen in ongoing or concluded PhD and professorial dissertations in the field of German as a Foreign or Second language. They include studies in text comprehension research, critical needs analysis, discourse analysis, empirical didactics and analyses of the learning process in its cultural context. Unter anderem werden Studien aus der Textverstehensforschung, der critical needs analysis, der sozialwissenschaftlichen Diskursanalyse, der empirischen Didaktik und der kulturbezogenen Lernprozessforschung zur Diskussion gestellt.

Vielmehr betont das Bild des Kaleidoskops das Fragmentarische der Dokumentation, ermuntert aber auch dazu, die Funktionsweise eines solchen optischen Spielzeugs als Leseperspektive anzunehmen. Gestalt, Bild; skope n: Pormeister, E. Algunas palabras no las traduce y las pone en ingles. Interesante traductor de firefox. Dan a elegir entre el famoso Google, Yahoo, Promt, Altavista, freetranslation.

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