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Whether you want to bypass parental control software, access blocked sites on a locked-down school computer or get around your.

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Also, if they were all visible, your Mac would look horribly cluttered. That will make it easy to remove all the files associated with an application with one click. CleanMyMac X will also allow you to get rid of all the hidden files you no longer need. Many of these files are created and used then not needed anymore. They just sit there clogging up your hard drive.

CleanMyMac X scans your Mac, identifies this system junk and allows you to quickly and easily get rid of it, potentially several gigabytes of disk space. If you still want to view hidden files on your Mac, you need to go to the Finder and do the following: With both these methods, your Library folder will disappear again when you close the Finder window.

That will create a shortcut to it that will persist.

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Now that you know how to view hidden files and folders on your Mac, you may be wondering how you can hide other files or folders, to keep them away from prying eyes. There are a number of third-party applications and utilities that offer to do this for you, but you can do it yourself in Terminal, like this:. Setting up a new machine is a great time for me to write blog posts about configuration settings that I'd forgotten to document. Much of the time I refer back to this post to figure out how I did things like Add Dock Separators and add support for Xbox controllers.

One important configuration detail developers like myself need is the ability to view hidden and dot files from within Finder:. You'd think your machine was empty until you see the mountain of hidden files that macOS hides by default! I understand why Apple hides these files by default: Us developers, however, need to know where all the skeletons are!

You've probably heard the talk around the water cooler about how promises are the future. All of the cool kids are using them, but you don't see what makes them so special. Can't you just use a callback? What's the big deal?

View Hidden Files in Mac Open and Save Dialog Boxes

Here is an example of what the Macintosh HD directory looks like after hidden files are made visible, and after hidden files are made invisible again, this is demonstrated in animated GIF format so that you can see the hidden files appearing and disappearing:. As you can see the hidden files and folders become visible and invisible as the keyboard shortcut is pressed. The hidden files and folders, often marked as hidden via chflags command , setfiles , or by placing a. The now visible hidden files will be displayed as having slightly faded names and icons, to offer a visual indicator that the file or folder in question is usually hidden.

Note that with hidden files made visible, they will become visible in all folders on the Mac, just like what happens if you use the defaults command to show hidden files in Mac OS and Mac OS X. If you prefer the command line approach for whatever reason, it is still available to modern Mac OS releases.

Tech How to View ‘Hidden’ Files on a Mac | Other World Computing Blog

And of course you can quickly toggle to hide the hidden files again and make them no longer visible by using the same keyboard shortcut:. The visual indicator of hidden files and folders is fairly obvious. Each hidden file or folder is represented by the faded opaque icon and name:. As mentioned before, you can still show and hide hidden files in Mac OS with a defaults command if you want to, or you can enable with a defaults command and hide them again with the aforementioned keystroke, but the defaults string syntax is simply no longer necessary to gain quick access to the hidden files.

What are the hidden files on Mac?

Again, this keyboard shortcut trick only applies to modern MacOS releases, earlier versions of system software will need to use the command line method instead. Whether you show or hide invisible files on the Mac is entirely up to you, but generally speaking having them made visible is most appropriate for advanced Mac users who need to access the hidden directories or files that are scattered throughout Mac OS.

How to View / Show Hidden Files on Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 and Below

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Enter your email address below:. I tried this trick and the file has completely disappeared. Where could it have gone to? The really strange thing is that it put a screenshot of the file in Dropbox at the same time. MacOS So yes you have to have the bleach low contrast interface to use this tip.


French user here also…. Display files …. I have it from under Snow Leopard.