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Whether you want to bypass parental control software, access blocked sites on a locked-down school computer or get around your.

You offer a free Webinar to people and collect their email. You organize your webinar they are attracted with your knowledge, and they may buy your product or course. All the Webinar Software that have been showcased hereunder comes with advanced webinar technology, are easy to use, and have tons of useful features which make them best in the business. With these webinar software, you can easily create and share PowerPoint presentations outlining products or services that you want to offer to your customers. They come with three main feature categories such as presenter tools, moderator options, and webinar features.

It work towards enhancing attendee experience and takes care of other important issues such as security, integrations, and needed downloads. These webinar software allows attendees to join in from their computer, mobile phones or tablets. Plus, their inbuilt mechanism facilitates Social Media integration allowing you to invite people, share webinars, and also enable attendees to promote for you. They also possess archiving features which enable you to have recorded webinars on your website.

They also offer editing features for these recordings. They come loaded with monetization features which help bloggers and online entrepreneurs promote their internet marketing and revenue generation goals. They also provide logout redirect facility which enables you to send attendees to a URL of your choice after logouts such as a product webpage or even a buy link. Further up, this webinar software lets you create your meeting on your own time.

WebinarNinja | The Best Webinar Software on The Planet

You can then upload the presentations on your website or YouTube and enable clients to view them or download on their own time. They have good sound quality, nice UI, easy setup process, are easy to log in for attendees and are absolutely easy to use for presenters.

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In short, they are best for showcasing live presentations both for educational as well as marketing projects. ClickMeeting is a powerful webinar service. ClickMeeting is not just another webinar service it offers tools for before, during and after the webinar. One can design their webinar room and invite people to register for the webinar. After the webinar, you can analyze your webinar performance. You can view attendee statistics, webinar duration, how long attendees stayed and many more statistics. You can store webinar recording, and presentations, and other files.

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You can also share recorded webinar on social site for more exposure. It comes with a day free trial offer. This webinar platform allows you to hold collaborative meetings, presentations, and workshops. Skype is one of the most stable and a highly popular video conferencing and webinar software for businesses. It is a leading consumer video chat and voice call options. Skype also offers instant messaging and file transfers.

In fact, for many of us, Skype is the first one to introduce real-time video conferencing over the Internet. Skype turns out to be the best platform for video conferencing. It is highly suitable for small entrepreneurs. It is great for having one-on-one video calls, for screen sharing, and also for having meetings with a small group of people. In fact, Skype turns out to be a good solution for group conferencing instead of having a controlled presentation.

Skype is ideal for having smaller group meetings. It is a popular, comprehensive, advanced and feature-rich Webinar Software. GoToWebinar is highly suitable for delivering a one-to-many presentation to a larger group of people. In fact, with GoToWebinar, you can host up to a thousand individuals per presentation. It allows you to present your webinar on Mac computers or even PC. The attendees can come in from PCs, Chromebook, Macs, as well from mobile or tablet devices. It offers automated reminders and follow-up emails that are so necessary for subscriber list management and attendance.

Cisco introduced WebEx as webinar service for scheduling online meetings, events, and conferences. It comes empowered with many useful features and scales well and is highly suitable as a high-end option. Adobe Connect is one of the most impressive product from the house of Adobe, which is suitable for organizations for putting up webinars and online meetings.

Best Free Webinar Software

It functions as an all-in-one webinar solution for marketers. AnyMeeting is powerful Webinar Software aimed at providing a solid web conferencing platform to small businesses. It comes as a free webinar software. However, it has been empowered with many premium features.

5 Best Webinar Software for Your Business

It was a smashing success! You've built an excellent platform and I'm happy to be a loyal customer for life. It's truly a set-it and forget-it system. Best marketing investment I've made, and I have tried them all.

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I made such a small business purchase from you, and you looked after me as if I had bought your entire company. Most impressive customer service ever. Thank you. Hey there! In , I started WebinarNinja to scratch my own itch. I loved webinars. They are best way to connect with potential customers and and make more sales.

But I hated the tech headaches of setting up and running one. So I decided to create a solution to save me the headaches every time I ran a webinar.

After a couple of months, our very first version of WebinarNinja was born. I started using it for our webinars and the webinar attendees loved it. They started asking me, "What software are you using to run this webinar? Can I buy it?

Top 12 Webinar Software

Today, over a million people use WebinarNinja as both hosts and attendees. There are a lot of features for the marketers, such as placing unlimited calls, split testing and detailed analytics. All this is provided so that you are able to analyze your work and improve it. It is fantastically fast and free. Aside from the usual voice and video conferencing call , it permits multiple attendees to join Hangouts. People can share documents, share computer screen, chat and much more.

You can even record Hangouts and publish them on YouTube. The only drawback is that it does not have any paid registrations or marketing features which you may require to conduct a professional webinar.

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So that's our list for the best software for webinars. You can select any software from the 5 best webinar software options according to your audience size and other requirements. The most popular one here is ezTalks Webinar software as it delivers seamless experience for the whole process and uses cloud-based video conferencing technology to boost its functionality online.

If your company needs a serious service, then it's time that you invest into software that gives you with high collaborations at your workplace. Best 7 GoToMeeting Alternatives in Read More.